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The After Hrs review: Bittoo Boss

Film: Bittoo Boss
Director: Supavitra Babul
Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak, Ashok Pathak
Rating: *1/2

If the promos of this film make you feel like it’s Band Bajaa Baarat Part 2, well, don’t let it fool you. The only thing that’s probably common — in the film that launched Ranveer Singh’s acting career as the wedding planner out to do ‘biness’ and this one that launches TV actor Pulkit Samrat’s film acting career as the ‘VDO shooter’ out to make women look ‘sesky’and capture ‘heppy’ moments — are the high energy performances by the lead actors.

But unlike Ranveer who was ably supported by the firebrand Anushka Sharma, Pulkit’s efforts here fail to make up for the shortcomings of the leading lady. So, while Pulkit’s a live-wire, Amita’s a thanda ‘Pathak’a. She neither impresses through her looks, nor talent and all through the film, their chemistry fails to strike a chord, which is the biggest flaw in this story, and efficiently undoes all the efforts of the actor. The hero jokes about having a ‘yawn sambandh’ when his leading lady yawns after a long trip and you go yawn yawn too, but that’s in the second half.

The first actually begins on a promising note. A video shooter, Bittoo is so important that weddings are scheduled to accommodate his dates in a small town of Punjab. So, there’s a typical big fat Punjabi wedding, that gives the director enough scope to capture the loud culture onscreen, not that you haven’t seen it before, and also provides a perfect setting for the hero to fall for the groom’s sister. Passionate about his craft, Bittoo dreams of making films for a TV channel, and ultimately movies.

So, while the girl thwarts all of Bittoo’s attempts to befriend her initially,she finally relents and even hopes to help her new friend bag a plum project. A showdown with the channel bosses and the hero-heroine part on a ugly note, alas moolah matters. The rest of the film follows the hero giving in to the temptation of earning a fast buck, by making ‘honeymoon’ videos and selling them online, well almost, until in the typical filmi way, conscientiousness kicks in.

The film picks and loses pace at regular intervals and some characters like Bicky and Verma do manage to grab attention too. There’s no doubt that the film is not without a heart and the director like Pulkit, does capture some moments and scenes tenderly on screen, but the sincerity alone fails to make it a fare that retains audience interest right till the end. The songs are strictly okay, but the dialogues are several notches better.

However, what could have been an entertaining fare drags endlessly in the last twenty minutes leading to a predictable climax. As for the on and off dynamics between Bittoo and his Bittii, lets not even go there again. Overall, it’s Pulkit’s film all along and though his performance shines, the film itself goes out of focus in the end. Worth a watch for Bittoo alone!

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