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Leonard Drake is now AsterSpring in One Utama

One Utama Shopping Centre witnessed an official opening of a new AsterSpring centre – at the exact same location where Leonard Drake was situated for more than a decade. The small ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by AsterSpring family and partners that are involved in making the opening of the 6,600 square feet facilities happen. The President of Dermalogica, Mr Raymond Wurwand flew all the way from the United States of America to officiate the opening of AsterSpring One Utama.

The new design of the retail area gives a totally new retail shopping experience in AsterSpring. The products are neatly arranged according to the product segments aiding the customers in choosing the right products to be taken home.  The huge skin bar is located prominently in front of the centre. It is designed to ensure that our professional skin care products are professionally prescribed through ace mapping® and appropriately used through our Skin Bar™ experience.

This flagship centre has a total of 19 private treatment rooms including 3 suites complete with private shower rooms. Understanding that men in this century are as concerned about their skin health, AsterSpring One Utama offers an exclusively for men area whereby it is only accessible to the male customers.

While AsterSpring OneUtama offers most of the same treatments as the previous Leonard Drake, this new outlet offers an ORP chamber immersion session filled with volcanic stones to boost good health and slow down the aging process! Discovered 3,000 meters below sea-level under the mountainous region of Fuji in Japan by NASA scientists, these stones are the result of millions of years of earth crust movement and volcanic activity. Due to its very nature, the stones record the highest contents of negative ions in the world. When heated up, the negative ions are delivered into our bloodstream to produce biochemical reactions which may boost energy, relieve stress, alleviate depression, slow down aging, provide effective slimming results, improve blood circulation and encourage heavy metal body detoxification!

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