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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Keeping Malia & Sasha On ‘Let’s Move!’ Campaign, Valentine’s Day With President

DES MOINES, Iowa — First Lady Michelle Obama is continuing to campaign for “Let’s Move!,” her initiative to help stop childhood obesity, and on Thursday, in a brand new sit-down interview, she told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, that campaign starts right at home.

When Bush asked if Malia, 13, and Sasha Obama, 10, are allowed to call up the White House kitchen with an order of burger and fries on occasion, Mrs. Obama said she and President Barack Obama have set limits on the youngsters.

“No, absolutely not,” Mrs. Obama told Bush. “They couldn’t do that at home when we lived in Chicago. They can’t pick up the phone and order anything. They’re kids. That’s the point that I make to them: You live in the White House, but you’re a child.

“They have a set menu, they have a set diet that they have,” she continued of her push for healthy eating habits. “They can’t go in the refrigerator and get what they want. They can eat as much fruit and vegetables [as they want], and they can have at that, but not a lot of snacking. So, we set some boundaries.”

One of the places the Obamas coordinate on those kinds of boundaries they set for their children – and get in their personal time – is in the gym.

“We work out every day and that’s usually our bonding time, that’s when we catch up,” Mrs. Obama told Bush. “He’s usually watching sports. I stay up on sports, so I can learn his loves for sports, and a lot of time, we get a lot of our personal business done in the gym, because we’re together… that and dinner time.”

Although he is the President, Mrs. Obama said her husband always makes time for his family.

“I am blessed to have a husband who is very attentive,” she said. “He is a busy man, but when it comes to family, there’s nothing more important and if there’s ever something that I need from him, or the girls need from him, he stops on a dime, because it’s his way of staying sane as well.”

And she is expecting special treatment come February 14.

“He always has to plan Valentine’s. That’s his job,” Mrs. Obama laughed. “I think there may be a date night. There’s something scheduled. It’s hard for him to pull off the big surprise when you’ve got a motorcade and police escorts and all that stuff.”

Recently, a 1960s White House intern, now in her late 60s, came forward, penning a book in which she claims she had an affair with President Kennedy. Bush brought up the subject to Mrs. Obama.

“One thing your husband is known for, is being a good family guy and setting that tone. Do you think it’s important, when electing someone — because now we’re going to reelect, possibly Barack Obama, that that sort of moral compass is part of the picture?” Bush asked in light of the recent alleged Kennedy revelation.

“Absolutely. Every leader has to have a strong moral center,” Mrs. Obama said.

For the rest of Mrs. Obama’s answer and more about her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign, tune into Access Hollywood on Thursday and Friday night. Check your local listings.

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