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Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk Valentine’s Day and Fashion Week

Love of lingerie: Lindsay Ellingson, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes pose with heart balloons and bras.

Dressed in skin-tight, shimmery silver minidresses, Victoria’s Secret’s Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and Lindsay Ellingson played the sexy-angel role with envious ease as they talked Valentine’s Day and lingerie with a room full of fashion writers at Victoria’s Secret’s Soho location.

Surrounded by pink push-ups and pastel panties, as well as an endless supply of Vosges chocolates,FashionEtc took some time to chat with each Angel about Valentine’s Day, buying lingerie and prepping for Fashion Week.

Whether talking love, lust or lace, the stunners had plenty to say about V-day memories and the best bras for their body.

What was your worst Valentine’s Day ever?

Adriana Lima: “I’ve never had a bad Valentine’s Day because I always try to make it fun, but the best Valentine’s Day was the day I got married. This year, I want to spend time with my family, go out to dinner with my husband, and after that, something with lingerie involved.”

Doutzen Kroes: “I told my boyfriend I wasn’t into Valentines Day and I didn’t need him to do anything. I obviously did want him to do something but sometimes you say things you don’t mean and you assume he will know. So, when I was upset that he didn’t do anything, he was confused. I mean what girl doesn’t want anything on Valentines Day.”

Lindsay Ellingson: “My first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend was my worst. I was 21, a late bloomer and so in love. I put so much emphasis on the day. He was French and we were in Paris, so I thought it was going to be so romantic and he ended up not doing anything and complaining about the traffic to the restaurant. I had bought him a box of chocolates and he didn’t do anything.”

What are your best tips for guys buying lingerie?

Adriana Lima: “Number One. If you are afraid, don’t be. We girls love a guy that can overcome his fears. It will make us appreciate the present even more. If you aren’t sure about sizes, peak in her drawer when she isn’t around.”

Doutzen Kroes: “I think it’s great when a guy buys you lingerie because it’s something you don’t expect and you find out what he likes. It’s a gift for him too. You put it on and it’s a win win situation. The key thing is getting the size right because if he picks something too small or too big, he might upset his girl.”

How are you prepping for Fashion Week?

Adriana Lima: “I’m not sure about Europe yet, but I’m thrilled to spend New York Fashion Week relaxing in Miami with my family.”

Doutzen Kroes: “I ordered beautiful Celine loafers, which I’m excited about because they are flat and super chic. I also got a great new Celine coat. They are things I will have and wear forever. I always go online to see all the shows but I want to see Versace and Haider Ackermann, because last year, his show was the best. I’m curious to see Tom Ford because last season his reviews weren’t so good, and I’d love to see Giles Deacon.”

Lindsay Ellingson: “I need to be mentally prepared because it’s so much traveling and a lot of fittings. Sometimes you are up until three in the morning standing in heels while they are pinning something on you. I make sure to eat a lot so I have energy and I just got a facial. I also just changed my hair so that’s an exciting new look for me. Now I’m platinum and I love it. It feels very retro and Hollywood.”

What is your favorite bra of the moment?

Adriana Lima: “The Gorgeous and the Body by Victoria Demi Bra because it fits to your body and is super comfortable.”

Doutzen Kroes: “I love the Gorgeous. I also really love the Very Sexy Push up because its simple, has beautiful colors and the right amount of push up.”

Lindsay Ellingson: “My favorite is the Gorgeous, and not jut because I’m the face of it but I literally wear it all the time. It’s the most comfortable push-up.”

In related news, check out Victoria’s Secret’s two new fragrance campaigns for Valentine’s Day, fronted by Adriana Lima and Lindsay Ellingson.

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‘Titanic’ 3D to Preview for Fans on Valentine’s Day

The sold-out screenings will be held around the globe; moviegoers rushing to sign up crash computer servers.

Paramount and 20th Century Fox will celebrate Valentine’s Day by hosting advance screenings of James Cameron‘sTitanic in 3D, which doesn’t officially open in theaters until April 6.

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The free previews, held in cities around the world, sold out within hours (crashing mutliple computer servers in the process) of first being offered Tuesday. The screenings will be presented exclusively in RealD 3D.

Cameron’s original Titanic earned $1.8 billion upon its release in 1997 and was the top-grossing film of all time for more than a decade until Cameron topped it with Avatar ($2.8 billion).

PHOTOS: 10 Billion Dollar Babies: Movies That Have Crossed the 10 Figure Mark

Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau have spent years working on the 3D conversion of Titanic, harnessing the innovative technology of StereoD.

The rerelease of Titanic on April 6 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the real-life Titanic setting sail.

Fox has another film opening on Valentine’s Day, This Means War.

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Marriage: Nandish Sandhu (Veer) and Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) of Uttaran are now married

Onscreen couple of Uttaran Nandish Sandhu (Veer) and Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) married in the simplest way possible. They very secretly tied knot in a temple in Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad this Wednesday and later went to tehsil office to get their marriage certificate.

This December on Nandish Sandhu’s birthday the couple agreed about their real life romance in public but nobody would have thought Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai will go ahead and marry so soon. This news has come as surprise to many. But for long time this couple was seen dating and going to awards ceremonies etc., together.

How do you welcome this couples marriage and what is your opinion on the secrecy of the marriage?

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Happy Birthday 20th Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

Taylor Lautner is not gay, but he is now 20 years old!

Indeed, The Twilight Saga stud muffin celebrates a birthday today, which comes at a perfect time: in between installments of his record-breaking franchise, Taylor can kick back, relax, maybe go on vacation.

Unlike co-stars Robert Pattinson (Bel Ami) and Kristen Stewart (Snow White and the Huntsman), Lautner has no movie scheduled to come out before the November release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. So you might not be seeing a lot of him over the next couple months.

Read more celebrity gossip at:

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Safe House What the Critics Are Saying

One reviewer called the Denzel Washington-Ryan Reynolds action thriller, in theaters this weekend, “surprisingly well acted.”

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds‘ action thriller Safe House hits theaters on a crowded weekend, up againstThe Vow, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and the 3D rerelease of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. But how did the critics view Safe House?

Directed by Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa, Safe House centers on rogue CIA agent Tobin Frost, who is back on the grid after years on the run. When a safe house he’s remanded to is attacked, rookie operative Matt Weston escapes with him and the two try to stay alive. Written byDavid Guggenheim, the R-rated Universal film co-stars Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard and Vera Farmiga.

Critics have given Safe House lukewarm reviews, with its aggregate rating on Rotten Tomatoes a 53 percent as of late Friday evening. But audiences were more forgiving, giving it a 70 percent rating.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy called it a “gritty, repetitive extended chase … with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds well paired as corrupt CIA op and naive agency greenhorn.”

“Terse and understated, this is a spy vs. spy tale designed to minimize talk and maximize action, not at all a bad thing in movies but over-worked to near-exhaustion here,” McCarthy wrote.

The New York Times‘ Manohla Dargis writes that Washington, as a rogue agent, isn’t showing “any of the aches and pains of age.” In the end, though, Dargis says “Safe House is essentially and very effectively a rollicking smash-and-crash chase movie that happens to be surprisingly well acted,” commending Washington and Reynolds in their respective turns. And though the film tries to tack on some layering, a la the Bourne movies, “the story ebbs into more familiar cynicism rather than building toward political complexity.”

The Los Angeles Times‘ Kenneth Turan gave a rather positive review of Safe House, declaring that the movie “shows how much can be done with a business-as-usual CIA-thriller script when it’s bolstered by effective acting and expert direction.” Taking a moment to spotlight Washington, he gives due praise to the veteran actor, who “has developed a special knack for dark-side portrayals that bring intensity and flair to films like Training Day,American Gangster.” Crediting director Espinosa, Turan writes that he and his team have injected “an unmistakably stylish and unsettling tone” to Safe House, keeping “audiences off-balance and wondering when they’ll get a chance to catch their next breath.”

USA Today‘s film critic had a similar take, giving the film two and a half stars. Like McCarthy, they acknowledged the chemistry between Washington and Reynolds, but at times Safe House “stumbles by putting Washington too frequently in observer mode.” Though it offers nothing new (“It’s a familiar tale of conspiracy and corruption at nearly every level, as well as idealism shattered”), Safe House “is a bracing action thriller made all the more watchable because of its two lead performances.

But the New York Post‘s Kyle Smith wasn’t buying into the thriller at all, citing the discrepancies in the acting performances. He writes: “The main attraction of the movie is watching Washington school Reynolds — not in spycraft but in acting. Reynolds is sweaty and frantic. Washington learned long ago that the trick is not to act, but to be.”

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US designers lag European labels in wooing China

NEW YORK – China is in fashion for top U.S. designers as they look to tap the world’s fastest-growing luxury goods market amid a slow economic recovery at home, but critics say they have lagged their European rivals in seeing the Asian giant’s potential.

Among Chinese consumers the top five brands for the past two years were all European — Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Armani — according to Bain and Co, which estimates China’s luxury good sales grew by up to 30 percent in 2011.

“American designers are slow to recognize the Asian market because they have such a big home market,” said David Wolfe, creative director of trend forecasting firm The Doneger Group. He was speaking ahead of New York Fashion Week, which started on Thursday.

But that home market has struggled with economic uncertainty and while the U.S. luxury goods market — still the largest in the world ahead of Japan and China — improved last year, Bain and Co predicts it grew at about a third of China’s rate.

“Given the world economy and the way things are trending and the opportunities over there, it would be foolish for an American designer to ignore the Chinese market,” said James Mischka, one half of design duo Badgley Mischka.

“It’s an established market that we’re … trying to crack,” he said. Badgley Mischka plans to greatly expand in China in the next five years by opening dozens of stores.

China will account for 20 percent of the global luxury market by 2015, with spending in the country nearly tripling to $27 billion by that year from around $10 billion in 2009, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

“A lot of American brands are coming in later, a lot of American brands are not in China yet,” said Veronica Chou, president of Iconix China, which has so far brought seven of its U.S. brands, including Badgley Mischka, to China.

“The American consumer market is so big, and brands are so happy here, their balance sheets are so good. If they go to China it’s a huge investment, it takes a lot of time,” she said.


U.S. designer Donna Karan opened her first store in China in 2006 and now has 40 throughout the country with comparable store growth of up to 30 percent year on year, said Paul Kotrba, vice president of international sales and business development.

He said the Chinese customer had “become a considerable growth engine for our brand.”

Karan said that without taking away from the spirit of her clothes, she adjusts them in terms of size, color and design to meet the needs of the Asian consumer.

“Interestingly, the more fashion forward parts of our collections speak especially well to our Chinese customers,” said Karan, who in September had several Chinese actresses attend her New York Fashion Week show.

Designer Michael Kors’ 30-year old company, which recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has just a handful of stores in China and six months ago appointed a greater China chief executive in a sign it plans to expand its presence.

Kors said that Chinese consumers were shifting from designer logo or statement pieces — items that made clear what label they were wearing — to more understated, yet indulgent pieces.

“Luxury clients worldwide now have more in common than not … they want fashion that is as well-made, chic and wearable in Shanghai as they are in Paris or New York,” said Kors, also a judge on reality competition “Project Runway.”

Experts expect a strong Chinese presence of media and buyers at New York Fashion Week where some 90 designers are showing their fall 2012 collections.


But some changes have to be made to cater to the Chinese market, said Patricia Pao, of Pao Principle consulting firm, such as including more red in a collection as it is considered a lucky color in China.

“Chinese need smaller sizes geared for their body type. One of the reasons why the Versace collection for H&M was not successful in China is because it didn’t fit the Chinese woman,” Pao said. “Chinese women like more embellished clothing which makes it very challenging for minimalist brands such as Prada.”

China is now home to the second most billionaires in the world, behind the United States, according to Forbes. A booming housing market has helped drive explosive growth in China’s economy in recent years, but Beijing has tried to cool prices in hopes of avoiding a devastating bubble and bust.

“I don’t know any brands that are not discussing the dynamic growth of luxury consumption in that part of the world,” said Alison Loehnis, managing director of luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter.

Ralph Lauren said on Wednesday it was going to focus on opening higher end stores in China. Chief Operating Officer Roger Farah called China’s emerging middle class “the world’s most important luxury customers.”

Robert Burke, of Robert Burke Associates luxury consultants, said that the top European labels had invested heavily to achieve their popularity in China and that top U.S. designers would need to follow suit.

“Big works in China. Big sells. Big retail stores, big events, a big splash, it works there,” Burke said.

“That being said there is an interest from a younger Chinese consumer for designers like Philip Lim, Jason Wu and Thakoon. We are seeing a younger customer having a real interest in emerging designers,” Burke said.

Jason Wu, best known for creating U.S. first lady Michelle Obama’s inaugural ball gown, sells his collections to luxury Chinese department store chain Lane Crawford.

“It’s a really amazing market,” he said. “I’m definitely increasing my international presence and China is definitely an important part of that.” (Additional reporting by Phil Wahba; Editing by Vicki Allen)

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Mylene Jampanoi is new face of Agent Provocateur

French actress Mylene Jampanoi has been unveiled as the new face of lingeries label Agent Provocateur.

The 31-year-old gorgeous actress has given her exotic looks for the Spring Summer 2012 campaign for the British lingerie retailer.

In the campaign, Mylene is seen wearing floral innerwear and corset inspired by 70’s vintage look.

The inspiration for the photo shoot was taken from the glowing scenes from films like Emmanuelle and The Story of O.

Original Source From

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This Means War: Film Review

Some films have certain scenes that need to be redone, but on This Means War the whole picture should have been sent back for a reshoot. This perfectly dreadful romantic action comedy manages to embarrass its three eminently attractive leading players in every scene, making this an automatic candidate for whatever raspberries or golden turkeys or other dubious awards may be given in future for the films of 2012. It’s an eye-roller from start to finish, although the promise of a sexy competition between two CIA hunks for the attention of a man-starved honey might attract some misguided souls. Originally set to open on Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year, the Fox release has been hastily rescheduled simply to sneak on Feb. 14 and legitimately bow three days later.

There is more than a hint of kinship between the eventually violent rivalry that develops here between best buds FDR Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) as they both court the very available Lauren (Reese Witherspoon), and the competitive relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a fact that might have something to do with the contributions of screenwriter Simon Kinberg to both films (this one was cowritten by Timothy Dowling). The more elegant ladykiller FDR and brawnier but less refined Tuck are best mates and at first think they can handle the contest, but when it seems Lauren likes them both equally, the claws come out.

But from the opening sequence, set atop a Hong Kong skyscraper, in which the two CIA ops stymie an elaborate robbery attempted by Eurotrash crim Heinrich (a scowling Til Schweiger), the action is staged in a manner that is both implausible and incoherent, although perhaps the latter deficiency is deliberate so as to disguise the former shortcoming. In either event, you can’t buy what you’re looking at for an instant, a problem that unrelievedly permeates the subsequent 90 minutes.

In fact, it gets worse right away, in embarrassing scenes in which the beautiful Lauren runs into an old flame and his fiancee on the street in Los Angeles and pretends she’s off to meet her (nonexistent) boyfriend for lunch, then immediately encounters the couple again when she’s alone at a sushi bar. Surely a composed and confident thirtysomething professional woman like her would no longer act like a silly teenager in such a situation.

PHOTOS: ‘This Means War’ Premiere

To cure Lauren’s condition, her so-called best friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) registers her with an online dating site, which is where she comes to Tuck’s attention. For his part, FDR tries to pick her up in a giant video store (does such a thing still exist?), but Lauren gives him an initial heave-ho after an argument over the relative merits of Hitchcock films, he having recommended The Lady Vanishes and she insisting upon the superiority of his later American films.

Romantic comedies have always generated fantasies of opulent lifestyles for characters with little else to do than pursue their amorous activities, but what the director known as McG puts onscreen in this regard is ludicrously beyond the pale: FDR’s apartment, which includes a babe-equipped swimming pool as a ceiling, is insanely extravagant (on a government salary), and the dates to which the boys treat Lauren include a private trapeze session, an equally exclusive peek at Klimt masterpieces and an outing to a paintball commando park where Lauren uproariously splats Tuck in the crotch with green paint.

Topping things off are two ineptly conceived and choreographed action scenes: In the first, the guys start an all-out fight in a restaurant full of people but when they finish it’s empty, even of staff or authorities who might want to take them to task for their destruction; the second is a car chase, climaxing on a dead-end freeway ramp, that doesn’t cut together properly at all, not to mention that what goes on makes no sense from the villain’s point of view.

At the center of things, presumably, is Lauren’s decision of which man to choose. Her confidant is written in to provide a sounding board and goad her into action, but Handler has been photographed to look practically like Lauren’s mom and appears entirely at a loss; the “actress” barely even makes eye contact with Witherspoon and has no sense of creating a character.

The one thing Trish does plausibly suggest is for Lauren to give both guys a test drive. But then such a move would have pushed the film dangerously into Jules and Jim territory, which might have been the one move that could have provided This Means War with some genuine edge and interest but also would have made Lauren too loose a woman for a mass consumption movie such as this. No risk, no gain.

The three leads do look awfully good doing very stupid things and all will survive to star another day. The sooner this one recedes into the rear-view mirror the better for all concerned.

Opens: February 14 (sneak preview), February 17 (wide) (20th Century Fox)

Production: Overbrook Entertainment, Robert Simonds Company

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Til Schweiger, Angela Bassett, Rosemary Harris, Chelsea Handler, Abigail Leigh Spencer

Director: McG

Screenwriters: Timothy Dowling, Simon Kinberg, story by Dowling, Marcus Gautesen

Producers: Robert Simonds, James Lassiter, Will Smith, Simon Kinberg

Executive producers: Michael Green, Jeffrey Evan Kwatinetz, Brent O’Connor, Lisa Stewart

Director of photography: Russell Carpenter

Production designer: Martin Laing

Costume designer: Sophie de Rakoff

Editor: Nicolas de Toth

Music: Christophe Beck

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Box Office Preview: Four New Films Hope for Record Pre-Valentine’s Day Weekend

The strength of tracking for Rachel McAdams-Channing Tatum romantic drama “The Vow” is impressing even rival studios; “Safe House,” the 3D rerelease of “Star Wars: Episode One” and “Journey 2″ also open.

The domestic box office is expected to generate another stellar performance this weekend, led by the Rachel McAdams-Channing Tatum Valentine’s Day entry The Vow from Screen Gems.

Tracking for The Vow is through the roof, impressing even rival studios. Interest in the romantic drama is strongest among younger females, followed by older females. Box-office observers believe the film has a good shot at hitting $30 million for the weekend, and it should see a spike on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day.

The strength of The Vow prompted Fox to reverse its plans to open This Means War on Valentine’s Day. Instead, Fox is only sneaking the action-comedy on Feb. 14 and then waiting to officially debut the movie on Feb. 17.

From Universal, Safe House could edge out Fox’s Phantom Menace. Safe House is tracking to open in the $25 million range, while Phantom Menace is eying a weekend gross in the $20 million to $25 million range.

On Thursday, advance ticket sales for The Vow on Fandango surpassed sales for Phantom Menace, representing 40 percent of all tickets sold, compared to 37 percent for Phantom Menace.

VIDEO: ‘The Vow’ Director on Casting Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum

Phantom Menace — the first title in George Lucas’ franchise to be rereleased in 3D — should play like a family film (fathers and sons), potentially taking eyeballs away from New Line and Warner Bros.’ sequel Journey 2, which is expected to gross $12 million to $15 million, a softer range than anticipated.

In 2008, Journey to the Center of the Earth opened to $21 million domestically on its way to earning $101.7 million in North America and $140.3 million overseas. Journey 2, featuring Johnson this time instead of Brendan Fraser, has already earned a stellar $41.5 million overseas.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Keeping Malia & Sasha On ‘Let’s Move!’ Campaign, Valentine’s Day With President

DES MOINES, Iowa — First Lady Michelle Obama is continuing to campaign for “Let’s Move!,” her initiative to help stop childhood obesity, and on Thursday, in a brand new sit-down interview, she told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, that campaign starts right at home.

When Bush asked if Malia, 13, and Sasha Obama, 10, are allowed to call up the White House kitchen with an order of burger and fries on occasion, Mrs. Obama said she and President Barack Obama have set limits on the youngsters.

“No, absolutely not,” Mrs. Obama told Bush. “They couldn’t do that at home when we lived in Chicago. They can’t pick up the phone and order anything. They’re kids. That’s the point that I make to them: You live in the White House, but you’re a child.

“They have a set menu, they have a set diet that they have,” she continued of her push for healthy eating habits. “They can’t go in the refrigerator and get what they want. They can eat as much fruit and vegetables [as they want], and they can have at that, but not a lot of snacking. So, we set some boundaries.”

One of the places the Obamas coordinate on those kinds of boundaries they set for their children – and get in their personal time – is in the gym.

“We work out every day and that’s usually our bonding time, that’s when we catch up,” Mrs. Obama told Bush. “He’s usually watching sports. I stay up on sports, so I can learn his loves for sports, and a lot of time, we get a lot of our personal business done in the gym, because we’re together… that and dinner time.”

Although he is the President, Mrs. Obama said her husband always makes time for his family.

“I am blessed to have a husband who is very attentive,” she said. “He is a busy man, but when it comes to family, there’s nothing more important and if there’s ever something that I need from him, or the girls need from him, he stops on a dime, because it’s his way of staying sane as well.”

And she is expecting special treatment come February 14.

“He always has to plan Valentine’s. That’s his job,” Mrs. Obama laughed. “I think there may be a date night. There’s something scheduled. It’s hard for him to pull off the big surprise when you’ve got a motorcade and police escorts and all that stuff.”

Recently, a 1960s White House intern, now in her late 60s, came forward, penning a book in which she claims she had an affair with President Kennedy. Bush brought up the subject to Mrs. Obama.

“One thing your husband is known for, is being a good family guy and setting that tone. Do you think it’s important, when electing someone — because now we’re going to reelect, possibly Barack Obama, that that sort of moral compass is part of the picture?” Bush asked in light of the recent alleged Kennedy revelation.

“Absolutely. Every leader has to have a strong moral center,” Mrs. Obama said.

For the rest of Mrs. Obama’s answer and more about her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign, tune into Access Hollywood on Thursday and Friday night. Check your local listings.

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