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Gideon Sundback

Gideon Sundback invented the zip, a product that has been holding together much of the parts of our lives for about a century now. And Google has paid a tribute to the man with a an unzippable doodle on this 132nd birthday.

Google Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday doodle gives the appearance of a jacket front that has the Google logo embroidered on it and a zip runs through the middle of the Google logo, separating the second ‘o’. To get to know what the doodle is all about users can either click on the logo or better, unzip to reveal what lies within.

We all use zips, but few may have pondered about how they actually work. Sundback’s design, that he finalised in 1913, had a zipper with interlocking oval scoops (earlier designs made use of hooks) that could be easily interlocked by moving a slider. The patent application for the new invention was filed in 1914 and issued in 1917.

How the Gideon Sundback zipper works

Excerpts from Gideon Sundback’s patent for the ‘separable fastener’ detailing how his invention actually works:

This invention relates to separable fasteners, and has particular reference to that type of fastener for garments and other purposes, where two flexible stringers are locked and unlocked by a sliding cam device mounted on both members, the locking being effected by an movement in one direction and unlocking by an opposite movement.

The objects of the present invention are to decrease the weight and bulk, to increase the flexibility and security of locking, and to provide one form of locking member for both stringers, so constructed and arranged that when properly positioned relatively to each other on the stringers they lock and unlock upon proper movement of the cam sliding device.

A further object of the invention is to simplify the cam sliding device, which is possible owing to the reduction of locking members to one form for both stringers, instead of the different forms heretofore employed on the respective stringers.

According to the present invention, the stringers are alike, as in some prior types of this fastener, preferably consisting as herein shown of a fabric tape provided with a beaded or corded edge, upon which the locking members, are clamped.

The locking members are all alike, and therefore interchangeable, and in general form consist of contractible jaw portions which are clamped upon the tape and projecting locking portions of elongated cup shape, so that the outside of one member nests within the recess of an adjoining member when in locked relation.

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No profiling or pattern in Shah Rukh Khan’s detention, US says

WASHINGTON: Caught on the wrong foot over the detaining of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan at a US airport twice, Washington has asserted it was not a case of racial profiling or a pattern.

Suggesting that Khan was not “detained”, but “simply delayed”, State Department spokesperson Mark Toner told reporters Friday: “I wouldn’t necessarily look at this as some sort of pattern but rather two separate incidents.”

“Obviously, we’ve expressed our regret about the incident and recognize that he’s a very renowned artist and humanitarian,” he said.

Toner also sought to paint the detaining of Khan at New York’s White Plains airport on Thursday when he arrived to receive the prestigious Chubb fellow award at Yale University as a “delay”, saying “he was temporarily delayed before admission” to the US.

However, he dismissed the suggestion that it was racial profiling. “I mean, I think we all know that that’s clearly not the case. The fact of the matter is tens of thousands of Muslims travel to and from the United States every day and are not detained or delayed.”

The spokesperson was hard put to explain the “reasons for delay” acknowledging that only Khan was not allowed to disembark from the plane when he arrived on a private jet with Nita Ambani, wife of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani.

Both the Indian ministry of external affairs as well as the Indian Embassy in Washington have expressed their concern over Khan’s detention for the second time in less than three years, he said.

In August 2009 too, Khan was detained at New Jersey’s Newark airport.

Toner also suggested that to avoid such incidents “travellers can alert – identify their status before they depart via the embassy. And that’s one approach or avenue to take.”

Meanwhile, Yale University also sought to play down the incident. “As SRK himself would tell you, what is most important in his movies is how they end rather than how they begin,” assistant secretary George Joseph stated.

“And yesterday, things began in an unfortunate manner, but ended in a way that left everyone happy.”

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The After Hrs review: Bittoo Boss

Film: Bittoo Boss
Director: Supavitra Babul
Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak, Ashok Pathak
Rating: *1/2

If the promos of this film make you feel like it’s Band Bajaa Baarat Part 2, well, don’t let it fool you. The only thing that’s probably common — in the film that launched Ranveer Singh’s acting career as the wedding planner out to do ‘biness’ and this one that launches TV actor Pulkit Samrat’s film acting career as the ‘VDO shooter’ out to make women look ‘sesky’and capture ‘heppy’ moments — are the high energy performances by the lead actors.

But unlike Ranveer who was ably supported by the firebrand Anushka Sharma, Pulkit’s efforts here fail to make up for the shortcomings of the leading lady. So, while Pulkit’s a live-wire, Amita’s a thanda ‘Pathak’a. She neither impresses through her looks, nor talent and all through the film, their chemistry fails to strike a chord, which is the biggest flaw in this story, and efficiently undoes all the efforts of the actor. The hero jokes about having a ‘yawn sambandh’ when his leading lady yawns after a long trip and you go yawn yawn too, but that’s in the second half.

The first actually begins on a promising note. A video shooter, Bittoo is so important that weddings are scheduled to accommodate his dates in a small town of Punjab. So, there’s a typical big fat Punjabi wedding, that gives the director enough scope to capture the loud culture onscreen, not that you haven’t seen it before, and also provides a perfect setting for the hero to fall for the groom’s sister. Passionate about his craft, Bittoo dreams of making films for a TV channel, and ultimately movies.

So, while the girl thwarts all of Bittoo’s attempts to befriend her initially,she finally relents and even hopes to help her new friend bag a plum project. A showdown with the channel bosses and the hero-heroine part on a ugly note, alas moolah matters. The rest of the film follows the hero giving in to the temptation of earning a fast buck, by making ‘honeymoon’ videos and selling them online, well almost, until in the typical filmi way, conscientiousness kicks in.

The film picks and loses pace at regular intervals and some characters like Bicky and Verma do manage to grab attention too. There’s no doubt that the film is not without a heart and the director like Pulkit, does capture some moments and scenes tenderly on screen, but the sincerity alone fails to make it a fare that retains audience interest right till the end. The songs are strictly okay, but the dialogues are several notches better.

However, what could have been an entertaining fare drags endlessly in the last twenty minutes leading to a predictable climax. As for the on and off dynamics between Bittoo and his Bittii, lets not even go there again. Overall, it’s Pulkit’s film all along and though his performance shines, the film itself goes out of focus in the end. Worth a watch for Bittoo alone!

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Rock & Republic for Kohls!

Rock & Republic, known for their great-fitting demin, celebrated teaming up with Kohl’s as they unveiled their Spring 2012 collection at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom during fashion week. The runway was lined with celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Ashlee Simpson, Penn Badgeley and Ed Westwick as we awaited the fashions about to come down the runway. The collection, overall, was edgy and great for day-to-day wear.

Because Rock & Republic is known for their denim, let’s start with one of our favorite pairs. Pops of bold color is what Spring 2012 is all about and these  are a must for your Spring wardrobe! The fun, reddish-pink jean (pictured above) is all the color you’ll need to spruce up any ensemble and the fit is perfect for all figures. On sale for $54.99, these jeans come in white and cherry bomb.

We couldn’t help but notice the fierce,  most of the models were wearing. It’s so important to have neutral heels in your wardrobe. They go with any outfit and you’ll get multiple uses out of them. The only problem is, sometimes it can be tough to find a neutral shoe with a little edge. Well, let’s thank Rock & Republic for these heels! The two-toned, studded platforms are definitely show stoppers and at $51.99, I’d say they’re a great find.

LBD, anyone? The staple of any woman’s wardrobe is the little black dress and, for me, simplicity is everything. This  at $49.00 adds the perfect amount of drama with its studded shoulders. Comfort is also a plus when going out in the city and with its stretchy fabric, you’ll be comfortable and chic, the perfect combo!

Make your way to Kohl’s and check out Rock & Republic’s Spring 2012 collection. You’re guaranteed to find a must-have piece without breaking your wallet!

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Hollywood threatens to withdraw funding for Barack Obama over SOPA

Senior figures in Hollywood have suggested funding for President Barack Obama’s re-election effort could be cut after the White House distanced itself from controversial proposed antipiracy legislation.

Members of Mr Obama’s traditional constituency in the entertainment industry have been angered after he appeared to suggest that bills intended to prevent the pirating of movies on the internet went too far.

Chris Dodd, the former Democratic senator who last year became head of  chief lobbying arm the Motion Picture Association of America, said: “Candidly, those who count on Hollywood for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who’s going to stand up for them when their job is at stake.

“Don’t ask me to write a cheque for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake.”

Mr Obama has found himself caught in the middle of a war between Hollywood and his other backers among technology companies in Silicon Valley, who oppose the antipiracy bills saying they are badly drafted and will lead to censorship on the internet. On Wednesday the Wikipedia website led an internet protest by going dark for a day.

On Friday, two days after the online protest, the US Congress indefinitely postponed votes on the proposed anti-piracy legislation after support for it among politicians eroded.

A statement released by the White House this week expressed sympathy for critics of the legislation, known popularly as . Hollywood executives had assumed they would get the backing, or at least neutrality, of the president and are said to feel “betrayed.”

Several have reportedly pulled out of forthcoming fund-raisers and one anonymous studio chief told the influential Hollywood website Deadline that they would “not give a dime anymore.”

Mr Dodd said the issue went “right to the heart of this industry” and accused the White House of being “terribly negative to people in this community.” He said Democrats should not make the “false assumption” that Hollywood would be financially supportive this year.

Both Hollywood and Silicon Valley donated around $9 million (£5.8 million) to Mr Obama’s 2008 campaign and have so far donated around $4 million this time. He is expecting much more to come in over the next several months.

This week, after visiting Disney World in Florida to promote tourism, he attended a $35,800-per-ticket fund-raiser at the home of director Spike Lee in New York. First Lady Michelle Obama is expected in Hollywood on Jan 31 for two lucrative private fund-raisers at the homes of supporters. The president himself will visit next month and will have to placate his critics.

Barry Meyer, chief executive and chairman for Warner Bros Entertainment, told the Los Angeles Times he and others were “very disappointed” with the White House’s response to the bills. He declined to say whether he would not support Mr Obama.

“It’s important that we register both to the administration and to Congress that this is important to the industry and to the jobs it supports,” he said.

Mr Obama has faced increasing criticism from supporters in Hollywood, most notably from the actor Matt Damon who has accused him of “misinterpreting his mandate.”

Amid the debate over online piracy one of the world’s most popular filesharing sites,, was shut down on Thursday and its founder and several company officials were accused of facilitating millions of illegal downloads of films and music.

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Vera Wang’s take on ‘clothing as sanctuary’ is anything but safe at New York Fashion Week

They were all there for the fashion, of course, which was based on the concept of ‘clothing as sanctuary’.
Ms Wang’s take on the theme was anything but safe, though. Sheerer-than-sheer swathes of fabric allowed for plenty of sensual flashes of skin, whether the shade was searing orange, teal blue or creamy champagne.
Her description in the show notes read: ‘The body protectively enveloped in the soft armor of a fitted sheath, the sharp discipline of fencing-inspired jackets, the structured carapace of a coat.
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Two endings for EKK DEEWANA THA

Glamsham Editorial

Director of EKK DEEWANA THA Gautham Menon has recently announced that the movie will be released with two different endings.

While the movie will have a happy ending in more than 500 screens across India, the other ending will be a special director’s cut, which will be released only in 20 special theatres. Fox star India, in an official statement announced the two different endings for the film. Vijay Singh from Fox Star Indiahas confirmed the news saying, “The newspaper listings will highlight this fact as well.” The theatre ads will highlight if the screened movie has a happy ending or the director’s cut.

Apart from A.R. Rahman’s music, people will get to see the fresh pairing of Amy Jackson and Prateik in the film.

EKK DEEWANA THA is all set release on February 17.

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Wear it and Be Free

My inner hippie is humming a happy tune these days, and it’s not only because wintry weather calls for lots of layering and plenty of snuggling. A longtime fan of the Free People brand (, I was delighted to receive their latest catalogue for Resort 2012. Remaining true to its bohemian roots, the brand has branched out every so slightly to up the urban ante and broaden their fan base. The catalog features cool girls from coast to coast, a perfect way to represent their unique style. Neon cropped tee’s and destroyed denim cut-offs is seriously LA; New York girls hail cabs in teeny-tiny denim dresses and totally chic flats.

Free People’s pricing is a little on the steeper end considering its target audience. That said, investing in one or two pieces each season can yield high returns; pair a $128 FP sweater with an otherwise unremarkable outfit and you’ll still get plenty of compliments. Trust me, I’ve done it. A lot. Check out their catalogue here: and have fun shopping its pages directly. Here are some of my favorites:

Bella Donna Dress
This  is oversized for an easy fit but dangerously sexy with its inherent see-thru factor, high-low hem, and deep V-neck. In the summer, you can pull it on over a barely-there black slip as styled here, adding plenty of accessories. For now, you can wear it to a house party in your building, paired with leggings, flat boots, and lots of dark eyeliner. $129,

Lace Rodeo Skirt
Okay, so it’s very LA. But the feminine appeal of this , polished off with denim detailing, is just irresistible. It certainly screams warm weather, so you’ll have to wait to wear this until April or May if you get the ivory. (Unless you have plans to skip town!) If you opt for black, it’s a great option that can be worked into your current wardrobe with the addition of a cashmere sweater, wintry flats, and thick tights. Either way, this is a classic Free People showstopper that you will not regret purchasing, no matter how long it has to hang idly in your closet. $168,

Patriot Ankle Boot
Surprisingly well-priced for their superior quality and styling, these distressed  offer just enough of a heel while still being appropriate for days spent walking all over this city. Designed by Jeffrey Campbell and offered exclusively through Free People, these boots are your next awesome shoe find. Available in black with silver studs or brown with brass. $199,

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valentine Shayari

Waqt To Humey Bhula Chuka Hai,
Muqaddar Bhi Na Bhula De,
Dosti Dil Se hum Isiliye Nahin Karte,
Kyunke Darte Hai,Koi Phir Se Na Rula De,
Zindagi May Hamesha Naye Log Milenge,
Kahin Ziyada To Kahin Kam Milenge..

Aitbaar Zara Soch Kar Karna…
Mumkin Nahi Har Jagah Tumhe Hum Milenge, Khushbo Ki Tarah Aapke Paas Bikhar
Sukon Ban kar Dil Me Utar Jayenge,
Mehsoos Karne Ki Koshish To Kijiye,
Door Hote Hoye Bhi Pass Nazer Aayenge….

Duniya ko Dekhtey Rahey jis Nazar se Hum,
Us Aankh Mein Humarey liye
Pehchan Bhi Na Thi..

Yahan Kisi Ko Hasb-e-Arzoo Na Mila ,
Kisi Ko Hum Na Milay Aur ,
Koi Humein Na Mila ..

Unki yaad aaye to dil kya kare
Yaar dil se na jaye to dil kya kare

Socha tha sapno main mulakat hogi magar
Neend na aaye to dil kya kare

Kaash wo meri taqdeer ho jaye
main uska aena wo meri tasveer ho jaye

uski yad ka her lamha meri jageer ho jay

zuban khamosh, aankhon main nami hogi
yahi bus ek daastan-e-zindagi hogi

bharne ko to har zakhm bhar sakte jayege
kaise bharegi woh jagah jahan aapki kami hogi…

Sad Hindi Shayari

Rat kat ti rahi chand dhalta raha,
Aatish-e-hijer mein koi jalta raha,

Ghar ki tanhaiyan dil ku dasti hain,
Koi bechain karwat badalta raha,

Aass-o-ummeed ki shamma roshan rahi,
Ghar ki dehleez ku koi dekhta raha,

Kaha tha tum say mera intezaar na karna…

Kaha tha tum say mera intezaar na karna
dunya chahey jo kahey tum aitebar na karna
Aisa ho chuka hai kayee bar pehlay bhi
ab ki bar tum koi bhi sawal na karna
Din raat kat rahey hein ab to ussi k khyal mein
wo lamhein wo ratein,unko yaad bar bar na karna
Zindagi tanha hi sahi..kat rahi hai ab tak
kis nay keh diya tha mohabbat ka izhaar na karna…

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Most romantic Hollywood films to watch this Valentine’s Day

With just a days left for the town to be painted in the hues of red, the Valentine’s Day fever is here to grip everyone and soon every lover will see the world through rose tinted glasses.

But, if you are done with roses, cards and lavish lunches or dinners, then this time we suggest you to take a break and enjoy a cosy afternoon with your loved one munching on Hollywood’s most romantic films.

Those heartfelt emotions, those romantic lines like ‘You complete me’ have always knowingly or unknowingly stuck with us.

And, this V-day just cosy it up with your loved watching the most romantic Hollywood films of all time.

Here are a few films that we recommend you to watch this Valentine’s Day.

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